YouTube Statistics - application for YouTube video statistics


YouTube Statistics is a Free Software application which tracks down statistics for YouTube videos. It is designed to collect data for any video available on YouTube and present them in a statistical manner, with export to Excel possibility.


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Idea: Radomir Mihailović Točak
Design and Programming: Nenad Zdravković


The story

The idea for creating this application came from Točak, during one of my guitar lessons with him. At that time he was collecting various YouTube videos statistics and trends. For each of the videos he followed he entered records of views, likes and dislikes for the current day in an excel table. As this process became very tiresome because of so many links, he had an idea to automatize the whole process, by creating an application which would do that for him.

So, I found that YouTube API contains all that's needed to collect statistic for YouTube videos, and started working on this software application. After few iterations and improvements, the application featured following functionalities:

The application is made in C# programming language on top of .Net 4.0 framework. Data is stored in an SQLServer compact database. As source code is open and available (see Project Space), the application can give developers an example of the way YouTube API can be used.

Design by Nicolas Fafchamps