YouTube Statistics - Manual

YouTube Statistics software contains the following applications:

YouTube Statistics - Full Mode

Full Mode allows you to manage video data, fetch statistics and export data to Excel. When opened, the application will show the following screen: YouTube Statistics Main Screen

As can be seen, the main window consists of the Toolbar at the top, and statistical data below. Available Toolbar commands are:

Manage Videos

To manage videos data press Manage Videos Data button. A screen like this will appear: Manage Videos Screen

There are several things you can do on this screen:

Add Videos

You can add new video data links by pressing the Add Videos "Add Videos" button. The following screen will appear:
YouTube Statistics Add Videos Screen

As shown in the example, you can add (usually by copy/paste) any number of video links. After saving the links you can return to the Manage Videos screen to do additional settings for each video, or return back to the Main Screen, from which you can download current statistics by pressing Go to YouTube and fetch the current statistics! "Go to YouTube and fetch the current statistics!" button.

YouTube Statistics - Silent Mode

"Silent mode" enables you to run YouTube Statistics from command line for a single purpose - to fetch data for all your YouTube links you have previously added to the YouTube Statistics application. This is most useful in cases when you want to fetch statistics regularly in order to have a more complete statistics history. In this case you can configure Windows Task Scheduler to run YouTube Statistics on specified intervals. Follow these links for further information on how to configure Windows Task Scheduler:

In order to run YouTube Statistic in "Silent Mode" you should pass '-s' as a parameter, as in the following example:

YouTubeStatistics.exe -s

Example of an Action screen for the "Silent Mode" on Windows 7 Task Scheduler is given in the following image:
Task Scheduler Action Windows 7

and an example of a Task screen for the "Silent Mode" on Windows XP Task Scheduler is given in the following image:
Task Scheduler Action Windows XP

YouTube Statistics will run in the background, without opening the user interface, download current statistics from YouTube, and save them to data store. If you open YouTube Statistics in "Full Mode" you will see the most recent statistics.

Note: YouTube Statistics cannot be run in "Full Mode" and in "Silent Mode" at the same time. If that situation occurs you will be notified, so you can act accordingly.

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